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Doris Edwards

This page is dedicated to the memory of Joseph Edward Stewart
and as tribute to the faith of his mother Doris Edwards and his sister Angie.

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One hundred years ago, only one in thirty-three people was diagnosed with cancer. Today, the diagnosis of cancer is one in three and we are fast approaching one in two. You are probably here because you, a family member, or a dear friend, are now enduring this terrible disease.

It's not just the disease that takes its toll, but the treatments do as well. There are many side effects from the expected to the unexpected, to even life threatening. There are 'late-effects' after treatments are finished that are debilitating. Also, there is an additional financial burden for the cancer patient and their family. Cancer is unpredictable, and so is the way that it will affect you and your family.

My name is Doris Edwards, and I am the mother of seven beautiful children. Six of my children are still present in my life, and my very beautiful son Joey has passed away. My good friend Pastor Alan Mc Savage, had graciously offered me this web page to help me reach out to you. Pastor Alan Mc Savage has since passed away and his beloved wife Helga joined him almost a year later, as she too became another victim of cancer. I now thank Kenneth Greatorex for allowing me the privilege of keeping this page so I can continue to help those in need.

I have been personally affected by cancer when both my second and third born children were diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Joey was diagnosed on October 10, 1979 when he was twenty-two months old and he continually relapsed ten times until his unexpected death on August 2, 1993. Joey did not die of the disease, but from the consequences of undiagnosed Listeriosis food poisoning. He was 15 years old. Joey was a fun loving and humorous boy who loved every bit of his life no matter what he was going through. Joe always had a unique and inspiring spirit about him that touched and changed many lives. He still lives on in many hearts today.

Angie was diagnosed on February 2, 1991 when she was seven, and she too suffered a relapse after a five-year remission on January 24, 1996. She finished 2 years of chemotherapy, but not without suffering from many life threatening situations like septicemia, neutropenia (low white blood cells), and a stroke during treatment. Angie takes medication for seizures, and now wears a brace for nerve damage in her right leg. Though we were told that she may be sterile from her treatments, she will be having my first Grandchild in April. She is 28 now, and is doing really well.

I was diagnosed with high risk breast cancer on April 2, 1998, just as Angie was finishing her second round of treatments. My tumor was surgically removed and I had received chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The 'late effects' of the chemotherapy and radiation are a struggle, but thankfully they have subsided and my hair has grown back. Sadly, my husband and I have separated since then as well.

In August 2001, my loved and cherished big sister Dodie, was diagnosed with ovarian (granulosa) cancer and she endured a radical hysterectomy along with several other subsequent surgeries when the cancer returned. Only one month after Dodie's diagnosis and in September 2001, my dear mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and received a mastectomy. She could not receive treatments because she had a history of congestive heart failure. My mother passed away on March 02, 2006. Sadly, I report the passing of my beloved sister Dodie on July 19, 2017.

How have we survived all of this and kept our sanity? Well, sometimes that may be very questionable, :o) but for the most part we are doing well when all things are considered. We trust in the Lord for He sustains us. There is nothing that we have been faced with for which He didn't provide us with the strength to endure. He is our provider of peace in the midst of chaos.

If you or a loved one is about to embark on, or is in the midst of the cancer battle, -or you just lost someone you greatly loved to this disease, please email me. If your feeling fear, grief, helplessness, or anxiety, I am right here. Know that you are never alone. Although I have expressed my faith freely here, we don't need to share the same faith in order for you to write me. If you have a digging question, or a problem concerning cancer, treatments, palliative care or bereavement, perhaps I can help? This has been my life for more than thirty-two years, and I have gained a wealth of experience. It is a privilege to help or guide you in any way I can. I am the Keeping The Faith (KTF) host of this page, and a retired Community Leader from both the Adult Cancer and Childhood Cancer boards at

Unfortunately, Parentplace had been bought out by iVillage, and iVillage had closed many boards including the Cancer Boards. I have served as an advisor at under: Cancer, Leukemia, Bereavement, Death & Dying, and Counselling Boards, with a five star rating on my Counseling Advice and Support. I have attended a Bereaved Parent's support group to help grieving parents. I have also taken Attitudinal Healing and Grief Recovery courses. Please don't hesitate to write me. If you know someone who is battling cancer, and they don't have email or Internet access, please email me for my snail mail address. I will gladly write to anyone who sends a letter.

I offer support, encouragement, guidance and prayer for: Victims of Cancer, Family or Friends of Cancer Patients, Parents of Children with Cancer, Relapsed Disease Situations, Teens, or Parents of Teens with Cancer; Bereaved Parents, Spouses, Teens, Children, and Friends.

May God Bless and Keep You. May His Light Shine Upon You. May He Grant You, Peace and Rest.

If you would like to contact Doris you may do so by sending her an email letter Doris Edwards

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